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Dear Applicant:

Thank you very much for your interest in the Kieffer Frantz Clinic at the C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles. This letter is to provide information about the Clinic and to acquaint you with the application procedure for placement in the Clinic.

The Clinic offers Jungian therapy and analysis at a reduced fee to qualified individuals who cannot afford the cost of private fees. Acceptance as a Clinic patient requires one to pay for, and to attend, a minimum of one scheduled session per week. Regular attendance results in a more optimal therapeutic experience and provides needed funds for the ongoing expenses of our non-profit Clinic.  If you are unable to attend a session, for any reason, you remain responsible for payment for that hour. The only exception to this policy occurs when the therapist is away or for some other reason cancels the session. You will not be billed for that hour. Clinic fees range between $35 and $80 per session and the fee is determined by monthly household income. The Clinic will not accept private insurance, MediCal or Medicare as sole payment for sessions.

Since there are a limited number of places in the Clinic, applicants are screened to select those who would most benefit from services offered by the Clinic.

The first step in applying to the Clinic is to complete and return the attached application along with the standard release of information form. Please be explicit and concise as to why you wish to be considered for placement in the Clinic. You will be contacted by phone or mail within three weeks of receipt of your completed application.

If you are accepted into the Clinic, waiting time for assignment to a therapist varies from immediately to six months.


Steven J. Frank, Ph.D. D


Kieffer Frantz Clinic

Kieffer Frantz Application Form +  Authorization for Treatment and Release of Information  


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